vendor credentialingThe Coalition supports efforts to streamline the vendor credentialing process to ensure that low-cost, non-invasive medical healthcare products are treated fairly. We are dedicated to a safe, efficient and cost-effective medical products supply chain that will benefit patient care.

Specifically, the Healthcare Products Coalition supports a vendor credentialing system that reduces complexity, lowers required labor for compliance and reduces costs for compliance.

Vendor credentialing began to improve patient safety by requiring health products vendors to meet varying criteria to enter healthcare institutions. Certain institutions may require ID Badges, vaccination documentation, criminal background checks, HIPAA compliance, and fees. Annual fees for credentials can climb up to $700 per individual, and have a substantial impact on manufacturers and distributors who serve the acute care providers.

Since most medical products vendor representatives have little or no access to surgical rooms or sterile areas the current one-size-fits-all approach does little to ensure patient safety. Indiscriminate requirements raise issues of redundancy across institutions and create compliance and risk management challenges for companies doing business with numerous hospitals with varying requirements. These challenges drive up cost and price pressure throughout the supply chain as companies pay to comply with these blanket requirements.